Let Us Explain Just A Little Bit More about
How The Digital Income System Works For You

Your Personal Referral ID is: 7688

"How Much Money Will I Make?"

When A DIS Consultant makes a sale for you, you will receive one of the following amounts:  $500, $1,500, $ 2,500, $6,000 or $12,500based on the product level your prospect purchased and at which level you are qualified to receive commissions. 

As you can see, these huge commission amounts can make it extremely easy for you to earn a substantial income in a very short time.  AS with every business, there are no guarantees and the following example is only to illustrate what is possible. Just 3 $500 commission per week means $6,000 in monthly income. Just imagine what happens at the higher levels with a couple of sales paying you $1500, $2500, $6000 and even $12,500. Can you see why DIS is helping regular people make spectacular incomes? Plus, Every time we close a sale for you, you'll be notified YOU have money on the way.

"How Do You Track The Sales?"

Once you have Purchased your DIS product we will assign you a unique Referral ID Number and Build your DIS Marketing Website

All the proven marketing material our mailing house sends out, all the traffic our trusted vendors direct to you, and all the included traffic we provide on your behalf. Your referral ID# will be on them. 

Your prospect will go to your DigitalIncomeSystem.com/7688 webpage, enter their contact info where they will be placed into our full-service contact manager which allows us to automatically follow up with your prospects and electronically track all sales to you, via your unique DIS referral ID.

"Is There Any Residual Income?"

Residual Income Is One of the biggest lies in network marketing. And some high ticket programs like ones with a 1 or 2 up compensation plans will tell you the "Pass Up" sale ensures residual income for you.

Here's the REAL truth:  With an MLM you have to build a team of thousands (on your own) to make any substantial residual income. And in These so-called Pass Up high ticket programs, everyone is giving away the future pass ups to get more current sign-ups. And no one underneath you stacking positions to steal your future commissions.

DIS is different and upfront about this. Listen, advertising costs money and even if you are using free advertising, it still costs your time. So you need to get paid FULLY every time a sale is made. No tiny MLM percentages spread out over thousands of people, while the company owner makes most of the money themselves.  No pass ups going to your sponsor and no lost upgrades.

With us, it all comes down to fairness, If you spend your time and or your money to advertise, YOU SHOULD GET PAID ON EVERY SALE!

But, DIS does allow for you to make additional income from your one-time sales.  Here's how it works.

We have 5 Levels and here's what happens when your prospect Purchases the $5,000 product. This means that they can only receive the commissions for that level. So what do you think happens the first time a success coach calls your member to tell them: "You had a $12,000 sale, but you're only at the $5,000 level so $7,000 of the sale was assigned to next member at the $12,000 level"? Yes. They upgrade to the higher level and when they do, provided you are at the level they upgrade to, you'll get the commission from the upgrade. 

You've seen our special - Good For 24 hour Only offer, right? Prospects (you) have 24 hours to talk to a success coach to lock in a huge discount and free upgrade. The first 24 hours is THE ONLY time you can lock in the "Lower Level Included " pricing where the level you Purchase includes the lower levels. After 24 hours you have to pay full retail for each individual level. Plus, if, you schedule a consultation with a DIS Consultant within 24 hours and come in at level 2 or above and we will upgrade you to the next highest level... FREE!!  Well, believe it or not, some people do not take us up on that offer.

Again, when these people start seeing commissions rolling up to someone else because they are not in at that level. They upgrade and you receive another commission from that member at FULL RETAIL PRICE.

Now to be 100% clear, you will receive the commission based on the level you Purchased only the amount over your product level will roll up to the next member at the higher level. Again it's all about fairness When A Sale Gets Made - YOU GET PAID! Also, when people say "residual income" what they really mean to say is "passive income" and DIS is 100% built to provide the maximum passive income in the business.


"So I Can Make More If I Purchase
At The Higher Levels?"

YES!  Purchasing higher-level products can mean more income for you. However, no matter where you start you will always earn a commission on every sale we close for you.

Every DIS Product Level pays 50% commission.  So the higher the level the more money you earn.  Let me give you an example.  You purchase the level 3 product. This level allows you to qualify for up to $2,500 on any sale we make for you. When your prospect Purchases the level 1 product, you'll get $500. When they purchase level 2, you'll get $1,500. When they purchase level 3 you'll get $2,500.

But, when they purchase at the higher levels the portion of the commission you are not qualified for, rolls up to the next member at that commission level. If they purchase at level 4, you get your $2,500 but the additional $3,000 rolls up to the next qualified member.  And when your prospect purchases at level 5, you would miss out on $10,000 of commissions.

This is why it's a HUGE advantage to purchasing one of the higher-level products.  We understand everyone cannot afford to start out at level 5. But that's OK, the most important thing is THAT YOU GET STARTED. 

Just purchase the level you can, knowing you'll get commissions on every sale we make for you.  You can upgrade as your profits roll in and in no time you'll be at level 5 and you won't miss out on any more direct commissions and you'll be receiving the added benefit of "roll-up" commissions for your members who purchased the lower levels.

"What's The Fastest Way To
Make Money In DIS?"

There is  ONLY ONE THING you have to do once you have your DIS marketing site:

We have a mailing house we've been using for years who have our complete advertising system standing by to advertise on your behalf. This means you don't have to do anything but tell them how many pieces to mail out. You never touch anything.

There are no ads to run, no websites to build and no complicated internet marketing schemes to master. We take all the inquiries, follow up with your prospect and close all the sales for you. It's all hands-off for you, no explaining, no telling, no selling and no talking to anyone, except your success coach.  

This truly is 1-2-3 easy.  All ad pieces sent out for you will have your unique Referral ID Number on them so that you get proper credit when we make the sale for you.

Remember our trained and professional staff will make 100% of the sales for you.

There is nothing for you to do but sit back and collect the huge commission the DIS program generates for you and all money will be sent directly to you. 

"What Makes DIS Different
From Everything Else?"

Unlike most - like 99% - of other businesses out there, DIS has solved the main things keeping people like you from success. You have to sell a product with a high enough price point or you'll go broke. You'd have to sell 200 - $50 ebooks to make $10,000. With DIS you can make $12,500 on one sale.

You have to have multiple turn-key sources of advertising or you'll wither away with no prospects. We have turn-key, plug, and play, done for you solutions to fit your budget.

You have to have a system in place to convert visitors to prospects and prospects to customers. We have totally solved that problem. People hate selling so we don't ask them to. You do not have to be a super salesman to make money with DIS.

You'll never call anyone, explain anything or answer one question. No website, no back office to navigate, no conference calls or training webinars to waste your time. 

With DIS there is no figuring out what to do next because our program eliminates all the guesswork and levels the playing field so anyone from any walk of life can succeed.  All someone has to do is purchase our product and have us do all the work for them, which is what 98% of the people want anyway.

"Will You Help Me Succeed?"

Yes. That's why we started DIS, to help people like you who are ready to make additional income but want help from industry experts.

Remember, our trained staff does all of the heavy lifting for you. We have a done for you web presentation, done for you advertising, and BEST OF ALL We Close The Sales For YOU. The DIS business model is creating more success stories than anything else you've ever seen.

Our initial goal for you is for us to close 1 or 2 level 2 sales ($3,000) for you as soon as possible  That's just with our entry-level, done for you advertising. As your business grows you'll be able to expand your advertising reach even further.

"Will You Show Me Exactly What To Do?"

Yes. That's the beauty of DIS. You don't have to re-invent the wheel here. You just plug into our 99.9% done for you - Turn Key automated business model that works every time by everyone who follows the plan. We have made your success as simple as it can be.

"I've Lost Money In The Past.
Will This Really Work For Me?"

Absolutely YES it can. You've seen what we are doing, so you already know DIS is different from everything you've seen before. But what you don't know is that many of our clients have also lost money on other opportunities in the past. This program was created by people just like you who have discovered the real method of lasting wealth. We created this system because we are sick and tired of people like you not being able to succeed the way you want to.

DIS allows you to begin receiving payments within days of getting started. We think we have removed every obstacle that has kept you from achieving an actually reachable 5 figure monthly income. We have many members routinely getting multiple three and six thousand commissions on a weekly basis. Some are making over $20,000+ per month almost effortlessly because Our professional business consultants are doing all of the telling, explaining and telling.

And with our team of professional Sales Consultants closing ALL OF YOUR Sales, there is no confusion or guesswork involved. Once you get your DIS website, you'll find this to be the easiest business you've ever participated in.

"It Seems Like I Can Make A LOT
Of MONEY, Is This Legal?"

Yes, it is.  The high ticket direct dales industry has been around for many decades. It is one of the longest-standing business models of any industry and DIS is a standard one-tier affiliate program paying a 50% commission.

We are part of the trillion-dollar information licensing industry and our track record speaks for itself. We understand your questioning, we know it can be hard to find good people to work with.  

That's why we hold ourselves and our members to the highest ethical standards.  

The people who started DIS have been in the industry for over 20 years and they know what it takes to be a success in this business and they are passing that knowledge, their expertise and most importantly their hands off system on to you.

Also, this is not cash gifting, MLM, network marketing or some high yield income program with a comp plan Albert Einstein couldn't figure out.  With DIS you don't need sales skills, technical prowess or even any previous business experience.

There is no ongoing monthly purchase required to get paid. You won't have to recruit and build a huge downline to make money because You get paid from the first sale we make for you.

DIS is a TOP-Tier Direct Sales business, which has proven to be the fastest way to a lot of money. But unlike the other opportunities out there this one is essentially hands-off for you. You do no selling, explaining or convincing.

Our automated advertising, websites and our trained Sales Consultants do 100% of the hard work, all you do is drive traffic and wait for your profits to show up at your front door.

"Do I Need A P.O. Box Or Business
Address To Get Started ?"

No, in fact, we do not ever recommend a PO Box.  You can, however, use a private mailbox service like a UPS Store if you'd like. But you do not need to because DIS is 100% private for you, the only person your prospect will talk to is our Sales Consultants.  

This is one of the DIS features our members say they like the most. They never have to talk to anyone and no-one ever contacts them. it's all handled by the DIS team of professionals. We have many Highly Recognizable industry veterans as DIS members who love the fact they can do DIS 100% privately and not disrupt their current business.

"Ok I'm Ready To Get Started
What Do I Do Now ?"

Great, welcome to the DIS family.  All you need to do is click on the button below to speak with a DIS Consultant because we want to talk to every new member before they purchase, to make sure you get started on the right foot.

Once you've signed up and we have received your payment, you'll be assigned your own Referral ID Number, Your DIS website will go live and our Team will walk you through setting up your turn-key advertising.


Your Personal Referral ID is: 7688

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